Sketches for Upcoming Art!
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I have done some sketches for my current projects.  I will also post the lineart and colored versions when they are done.  
Trust me, they'll look A LOT better. :3  BEHOLD!!!

"Left-Handed Fingerpainting"  My first attempt at mixing my own style with the Gorillaz style...
I left out a lot of details that will be in the lineart. :P  
This is just a drawing of me fingerpainting on a flying canvas...using my left hand. o_O

Fingerpainting Sketch

"Spencers Model Emplyees"  This one I included most of the line details, but the lineart will include some more. XD  
This is a drawing on my sister and I (we both work at Spencers).

Model Employees Sketch

You can also see these sketches (and other work) on my DeviantArt.

Comic book villain
Alright...I have reactivated my YIM account, so everyone on there may now talk to me. 
As for MSN, they deleted my old account because I wasn't on it for so long. 
Therefore, I made a new one using my gmail address. For those of you that don't know it's

I have downloaded Trillian and will be signed on all day. XD

Do not hesitate to add me. I'm friendly and won't kill you...
I might be a bit slow at first, but I'm trying to get used to this. o_o

What else? Umm...I should have my data off of my hard drive as soon as my friend is free, 
so that's jolly good. :D Spanky is back and ready to work.

Yay! Epic WIN!
Comic book villain

Well, I bought myself a new computer.  I'll be poor for the next two months, but I'll live.  
It's not like I have a social life.  As long as I have my art, games, etc. I'm good....screw people.

Anyway, I'll work on my Livejournal stuff after I reactivate my MSN and YIM screen names.  
This should be fun...

New LiveJournal
Comic book villain
That's right kids....I have made a new one.  The impossible has happened.  Spanky has returned to LiveJournal, but not completely.  
Once I have my new computer, I will be able to add pictures, be patient.  I'll give all of you the updates that haven't been posted in ages!  


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