I forgot I had one of these...again
Red Vampriss
I don't know what it is about this site, but I keep forgetting about it (just like my Sheezyart account). >.< It's just a lot to try to keep up with.

Anyway, onto whatever I haven't posted on here. Oh! I know. :D Let's post the voting for my next Otakon costume on here too.
Here are the choices!


Great Fairy

Puppet Zelda




Oh and there's a picture of me circulating on people's phone. I didn't approve of it, but w/e. It's fine. If you want Spanky on your phone, go here and download it...

The Rejection Poem
Comic book villain
Here's a creative way to turn someone down and keep them from coming back.
Feel free to use this. It's my community service for the month.


Every night I lie awake
And think of how I hate this place
I don't care about the praise
You're still just a phase

No pretty face or wealth
Will ever make me change myself
I hate your mask, it's so false
Rejected, and it's your loss

Now don't waste anymore time
Because I turned you down in rhyme


Or if you're in a rush...

Don't talk, I can't stand your voice
Please, don't make a sound
Will you go far away
If I wish out loud?

I'd rather be sleeping.

Fresh Spanky of Bel-Air
Comic book villain
Now this is a story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down.
And I'd like to take a minute.
Just stay right there.
I'll tell you how I became the girl with ridiculous hair.

In East Coast America born and raised.
In my bedroom I spend most of my days.
Chilling out, drawing, gaming like a nerd
And internet browsing with weird songs to be heard.
When a couple of dudes, they were nothing but bad.
Started taking all of the sanity I had.
I got a little crazy and my mom got scared.
And said,"You're moving us to Germany way over there."

I got on the plane and now it was clear
That I'd be stuck with only drawing and drinking here.
If anything, I knew I didn't want to stay.
But I thought, "Eh whatever, I'll draw anyway."
I opened the laptop, started sketching a few
And said to my mom,"This is all I can do."
I looked around Germany, I was finally there
To sit in the bars with my ridiculous hair.

Creative Bullshit (Rant)
Red Vampriss
As you can tell from the title, this is a rant and will be full of anger....but don't worry, I usually make them highly entertaining as well. This was inspired by a conversation I had with someone and watching almost 24 hours of Penn & Teller. It's time for Spanky to let out some steam about people overlooking creativity for mere good looks and BREASTS.

As you all know I've been entered into a few contests lately. Now I'm not a sore loser or anything when I'm beaten by someone who worked hard, followed the rules, and Hell, did way better than me. That's awesome. I love to see other creative individuals put as much passion into their work as I do. HOWEVER!!!!! That is not the case. No. It has gotten to the point that no matter what the contest is suppose to be, it ends up being a popularity contest, or whoever is showing the most skin. Whoop-de-fucking-doo! Who cares if you have x amount of friends or huge lumps of fat with nipples attached? We've all seen it before. Half of these people don't even follow the rules. Would you enter a lingerie contest wearing NOTHING???? Or enter a costume contest not wearing a costume???? What the flaming shit shish kebab on an arrow being shot at a target from a mile away?! And these people are not only allowed in these "contests", but they actually get votes! Usually, they get more votes than oh...the people who followed the rules!!!!!!! What's the point of spending two hours doing make up, eight hours in a shoot, and 28 hours editing and making the photos amazing if it's going to be completely over-looked for a set of tits or a fancy suit that isn't even a costume? Why bother with creativity and effort if all you have to do to get featured in a famous gallery is spend five minutes painting a canvas orange and make up some bullshit reason to call it art?

Yes, I went to a few of these "galleries of art" in Richmond, VA and they were all crap. Drawing a messy circle with swirl next to it is NOT art! I see these other artists who spend hours, days, or weeks putting their hearts and souls into their work and yet, no one has ever heard of them. Art organizations will throw all sorts of money at these cocky assholes who can't draw worth a shit and leave the others to rot. People who are actually good at what they do have to spend years building "connections", working for free while having barely enough money to live, and pulling all-nighters every day just to get hired for crappy pay and just as much work, no credit for that work, and no respect. People look at those who draw and see it as fun. They don't realize that it's also hard work. And all of those assholes who say we're lazy can take their fists and shove them into their main source of shit, their mouths!!!! Fuck them in the nose with a horse dildo.

People wonder why I'm so pissed off all of the time. Art schools are bullshit. Art galleries are bullshit. Art contests are bullshit. ALL OF IT!!! And what can one do to change this injustice? Nothing.


Life is Moist -_-
Comic book villain
That's a new curse word by the way...use it, you'll get quite a reaction.

So yes, onto the updates on life and such (in case you don't follow me on other sites)...

There was major drama with my ex when I left him and he went completely insane. Blah blah blah...he was a liar and a cheater, so I dumped him when I got enough proof. That over now though, so no more talking about it.

I also finished this term...and didn't do so well. So hopefully the drama crap is over and I can move on and get college over with. Speaking of college. I strongly dislike my school, but I'm stuck there anyway...Oh well.

So now I'm visiting my sister hoping to figure out what I want to do to make money while in college. The club thing doesn't make me much money.

More updates (with effort) to come!

Rough Times...
Comic book villain
It's been forever since I've posted something on here. I've been so busy with school and my other sites...but I have a little free time at the moment.

So...I've started school (and I hate school), I have a boyfriend now, and I'm not living at home. Yeah...basic update right there. I'm having a hard time with the school dehumanizing us and just seeing me as another number. Some of the teachers are nice and all, but it's just a lot of the expected crap other colleges give you.

As for the boyfriend situation...there's a lot going on with that...some issues have risen and he's back over in Washington to try to make money. That's not working out as well as he planned and he's stuck there right now and is clearly unhappy. Unfortunately, I don't have a job and am living off of what savings I have left. There really isn't much I can do.

Bah! I need sleep...and to do work. >.< I hope I don't fail any classes. I don't want to have my mother yell at me again...because this school likes to email her if I sneeze in class. Ugh...

(Yes, I went from school, to boyfriend, and back to school.)

There are also all sorts of new photos and drawings on my other sites from since the last time I posted here. Definitely, go check them out.

Sisterly Luv_colored
Comic book villain
So yes, I have a few shoots coming up and have been very busy. Oh! And I leave for Florida on Saturday. Despite all of my activity, I still managed to color this during class.

Sisterly Luv

title or description

Now to watch more Batman!!

Spencers Employees Lineart!
Comic book villain

Behold!!! I realize Connie's foot isn't completed, but I will fix that when I color it...I took off the top two boxes as well. I was in a major rush to get this done. o_o

Spencers Model Employees Lineart 

For the full-sized version go to my DA or SA...

Sisterly Luv_Lineart and Halloween Gerald
Comic book villain
Here is "Halloween Gerald"...I did it during class. lol

Halloween Gerald

Now here's a sneak peek at "Sisterly Luv"...This will be colored soon.

Sisterly Luv Lineart

I'm still working on the Gorillaz style drawings...they are just taking forever. x_x

Jack-O-Lantern Fun!
Comic book villain
I made a jack-o-lantern over the weekend.  
I'm kind of sad that I didn't get to celebrate Halloween on Halloween, but I've decided to celebrate until Thanksgiving. 
Tomorrow I plan to take pictures of me with my jack-o-lantern....dressed as a witch! :D




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