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Life is Moist -_-
Comic book villain
That's a new curse word by the way...use it, you'll get quite a reaction.

So yes, onto the updates on life and such (in case you don't follow me on other sites)...

There was major drama with my ex when I left him and he went completely insane. Blah blah blah...he was a liar and a cheater, so I dumped him when I got enough proof. That over now though, so no more talking about it.

I also finished this term...and didn't do so well. So hopefully the drama crap is over and I can move on and get college over with. Speaking of college. I strongly dislike my school, but I'm stuck there anyway...Oh well.

So now I'm visiting my sister hoping to figure out what I want to do to make money while in college. The club thing doesn't make me much money.

More updates (with effort) to come!


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