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Creative Bullshit (Rant)
Red Vampriss
As you can tell from the title, this is a rant and will be full of anger....but don't worry, I usually make them highly entertaining as well. This was inspired by a conversation I had with someone and watching almost 24 hours of Penn & Teller. It's time for Spanky to let out some steam about people overlooking creativity for mere good looks and BREASTS.

As you all know I've been entered into a few contests lately. Now I'm not a sore loser or anything when I'm beaten by someone who worked hard, followed the rules, and Hell, did way better than me. That's awesome. I love to see other creative individuals put as much passion into their work as I do. HOWEVER!!!!! That is not the case. No. It has gotten to the point that no matter what the contest is suppose to be, it ends up being a popularity contest, or whoever is showing the most skin. Whoop-de-fucking-doo! Who cares if you have x amount of friends or huge lumps of fat with nipples attached? We've all seen it before. Half of these people don't even follow the rules. Would you enter a lingerie contest wearing NOTHING???? Or enter a costume contest not wearing a costume???? What the flaming shit shish kebab on an arrow being shot at a target from a mile away?! And these people are not only allowed in these "contests", but they actually get votes! Usually, they get more votes than oh...the people who followed the rules!!!!!!! What's the point of spending two hours doing make up, eight hours in a shoot, and 28 hours editing and making the photos amazing if it's going to be completely over-looked for a set of tits or a fancy suit that isn't even a costume? Why bother with creativity and effort if all you have to do to get featured in a famous gallery is spend five minutes painting a canvas orange and make up some bullshit reason to call it art?

Yes, I went to a few of these "galleries of art" in Richmond, VA and they were all crap. Drawing a messy circle with swirl next to it is NOT art! I see these other artists who spend hours, days, or weeks putting their hearts and souls into their work and yet, no one has ever heard of them. Art organizations will throw all sorts of money at these cocky assholes who can't draw worth a shit and leave the others to rot. People who are actually good at what they do have to spend years building "connections", working for free while having barely enough money to live, and pulling all-nighters every day just to get hired for crappy pay and just as much work, no credit for that work, and no respect. People look at those who draw and see it as fun. They don't realize that it's also hard work. And all of those assholes who say we're lazy can take their fists and shove them into their main source of shit, their mouths!!!! Fuck them in the nose with a horse dildo.

People wonder why I'm so pissed off all of the time. Art schools are bullshit. Art galleries are bullshit. Art contests are bullshit. ALL OF IT!!! And what can one do to change this injustice? Nothing.



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